Since this production opened we have received hundreds of emails and social posts from both general audiences and survivors of assault, who have had a deep emotional response to the play.

The volume of people sharing their stories because of seeing the production has simply been overwhelming. Recognising the profound effect the play has had on audiences, we have created Prima Faces – a special artwork made up of over a thousand photos that the play’s fans have submitted, along with their personal stories (some of which are shared here too).

These photos have then been compiled to make up a dot matrix of Prima Facie’s indelible key art.

This artwork will be displayed at the theatre, at locations around New York and online. A merging of the play and the community of voices it has created all saying in solidarity that ON THE FACE OF IT SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

"I saw this play 3 times as it was so powerful. I am a social worker and often work with women and men who have been sexually abused. We know the system is not fair and i see this in my work everyday! Seeing it on stage was chilling. But so so important."

"I was blown away by the impact of the story and questioning my own opinions on the subject of consent. It’s something that everyone needs to see. Jodie’s acting is just out of this world. She was phenomenal."

"The Play had an  unexpected effect. Having not experienced the trauma of the content on the play it took me to a place I hope I never have to experience in real life. The play is relevant, it’s important and it’s impact will stay with me forever."

"Prima Facie was the first west end show I had ever been to. I attended on May 21 2022, on my 22nd birthday. And then again, a few days later.  I can’t describe the hope this play gave me. Growing up, I often consumed media that did not give a voice to women, or rather, was ambivalent towards women in"

"The play gave me courage, to move forward, be myself, and see that I’m not alone."

"The play reminded me that we must be kind and support all as we can never be sure exactly what someone else has been through."

"This play is so important to me, it gives a voice to unherd women. It invites everyone to think. It made me think about events that unfortunately occured to me, and how so many women in my country and all over the world suffer in silence. It’s time to change. It’s time for people to look around and see us."

"Watching the play made me feel understood and it also made me feel sad because of the limited support out there. I wanted to get involved because I want people to know they are not alone.  ❤️❤️"

"Prima Facie tells a story that many people are, unfortunately, all too familiar with. I wanted to be involved in this project to show any and all survivors that I support you, I believe you, and I am here for you."

"I was shocked, saddened and elated by this play. What a performance. I was lost in admiration for Tessa, for her anger,  her courage and above all her tenacity in seeking justice. So many of us have suffered similar, only to brush the abuse way, to push it under the rug. Tessa makes us see that we need to stand"

"Everything. I travelled alone to watch the play and met so many women who had done the same before the show started. It’s truly captivating and I doubt I’ll ever see any other piece of theatre like it. The world needs more people willing to stand up like Tessa. I now am a huge advocate for the play telling as"

"I walked away from the play feeling empowered. This subject matter is so important. Tessa’s courage is inspiring and I love how this play portrayed her shift in point of view. Jodie Comer crushed it."

"Prima Facie moved me in a way that no other play or performance has. I can’t wait for it to come to Broadway!"

"The play moved me so much through a rollercoaster of emotions. I was consumed from the second it started. I left with a fire in my belly to help. Things need to change!"

"To me, the play represents us, women, who have been repeatedly let down by systems that are supposed to protect us. Women who have been broken. Women who are still here."

"I saw the play in London on the 20th April 2022. I cannot express in words the emotions the play made me feel, everyone should see it, not only because it is so good, but to be educated. Jodie Comer is an outstanding actress. I was sexually assaulted and I always feel so alone. I feel like I couldn’t tell"

"The play helped me to understand that I am not alone and what happened to me is not right. It’s also encouraged me to spread information about sexual assault to whoever will listen. It’s something that I’d like to advocate for in the future."

"This play was absolutely amazing..I watched it in the cinema with my best friend and we were both so overwhelmed by it. It made us feel so many feelings all at once, it was powerful, thought provoking, upsetting, mesmerising and Jodie was just stunning."

"My connection to the play has resulted in my being a regular supporter of The Schools Consent Project. This charity carries a very important work educating young people about consent.  The charity does workshops in schools. It costs £5 per child to do that. The play strong message is ‘Something has to change’. I strongly believe young people will be"

"The play was breathtaking and raw. Every single member of the audience connected with Jodie’s performance and I have never seen anything like it.  It’s personal to me unfortunately the reality for so many women. On the face of it, something has to change."

"I was sexually assaulted in college and never thought I had a viable claim or would be believed by the system so I didn’t tell anyone. In law school I learned I was right. Something has got to change."

"This production was utterly refreshing for me. It emphasises the issues that victims face in the current justice system. I work in criminal law and I am a survivor of sexual assault. I think anyone who is involved in the legal system should see this masterpiece and have their eyes opened to the real issues that exist."

"This play means that even when my voice is at its quietest it deserves to be heard and believed."

"After wanting to stay silent for so long , this play has given me a voice again because as the play mentions sometime something how somethings go to change"

"I just think this play has such an important message that everyone should watch."

"Jodie Comer’s acting was the most inspiring piece of art I have ever seen in my life. It has helped spread one of the most important messages there is out there and I am forever thankful for that."

"Seeing a woman take up space, be loud and messy and strong and vulnerable was incredibly empowering. But even more incredible was the feeling of all the women, sitting silently in solidarity in the theatre."

"Prima Facie stirred a deep cathartic resonance within me because of Jodie Comer’s spellbinding portrayal of Tessa. Truly mesmerising, this work shines a light bravely and unflinchingly on the story of all women including myself that share experiences similar to Tessa’s journey. This work reminds me that we – Women – do not bear these challenges alone and we are"

"Prima Facie and the heartbreaking, brilliant performance by Jodie Comer shows no matter the struggle, no matter who believes you, no matter win or lose, you can be strong, you can be brave, you can overcome, and you can and will survive. And the more this is realized the more hope we have that something will change because it must."

"Prima Facie was truly the most important and inspiring piece of work I’ve ever seen. Jodie showed such raw emotion throughout. The play really helped me and many others feel seen in the event of such a taboo subject. The writing and the acting by Suzie and Jodie was phenomenal, it was sensitive but firm, considerate yet loud. It’s a"

"Thank you for sharing our story. Thank you for giving us a voice."

"I love the awareness this play brings to the reality of the criminal justice system."

"Jodie Comer was just brilliant. How she commanded the whole theatre,  it was just insane how for an hour and 40mins we were all spellbound by her. Heartbreaking but so important that everyone gets to see and hear these shocking statistics and be part of the change that needs to happen."

"Prima facie came at a time into my life at a time when I didn’t realise just how much I needed it. My story is similar to Tessa’s and seeing this story made me realise I wasn’t alone. More than anything I’m just so thankful of the awareness this play has given. Thank you."

"This play moved me in so many aspects. How many times I felt, I couldn’t say no, how many times my body wasn’t respected. But now the silence is broken, and we are standing together.  Thank you for the amazing team who was able to deliver such a masterpiece."

"Not only was the play an astounding  and engaging performance  by Jodie Comer, but it has also provided something that is rare in media, change. Education and resources for real change around sexual assault have been discussed, whether it be in the high court or around a dinner table, it all matters."

"Prima Facie left me speechless, I think it has such an important message that more people need to hear"

"Prima Facie was my introduction to live theatre and made an incredible impression on me. I didn’t know I was capable of forgetting that I was an audience member rather than a fly on the wall in her world, living out the scenes with her. Her performance created a visceral reaction in me that I’ll never forget and can’t wait"

"Prima Facie changed my views on sexual assault laws and how we re-victimize survivors as a society. It had a huge impact on how I see the world as a woman and made me want to advocate for change for all the Tessas out there."

"I absolutely loved Prima Facie, I believe the cause that the play was made for needs to be spread to the younger and older generations. The play was both heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time. Jodie is a phenomenal actor. And The play is absolutely fantastic."

"Took my entire family to see it – husband, twenties step daughters and teenage sons. It had a strong impact on each and every one of us – which I am proud of. Hopefully future generations will be better."

"Prima Facie is the most incredible play I’ve ever seen!! Jodie’s performance will stay with me forever xx"

"It filled me with fire. A fire and an urge to fight and to set things right. I don’t have to be familiar with the english law system to relate. I don’t have to understand english to FEEL Tessa’s emotions. It is an issue in my own country. It is a story that has been told too many times by"

"This play is so incredibly timely, relevant and important. I only wish the entire world could experience this play. The portrayal of SA and the statistics in this play moved me to tears.  On the face of it, something has to change. We as a community and our judiciary system must do better."

"It was literally one of the most powerful piece of theatre I’ve ever seen and left me completely speechless at the end. No one could have done it better than Jodie🫶"

"This is so important for everyone to see.  Even if you do not relate every woman knows of someone whether it be a friend or other. 1 in 3. So so powerful and intense."

"Jodie Comer’s portrayal blew me away, and the play’s themes/story structure moved me to tears. Not only have so many of us experienced assault, but many of us have also had to experience the emotional toll of not being believed, or simply burying it because it involved legal action, a close acquaintance, or embarrassment. This play deserves all the Tonys"

"Originally I saw the play because I loved Jodie and her acting, I did not know much of what the play was about. But after seeing it, I am so glad I did. The story of what happened to Tess is so important and resonates with so many women. I personally have not suffered in that way, but I support"

"Prima was soul crushing and filled me up all at the same time. My mouth dropped. My heart stopped. My eyes were fixed. Thank you."

"The play to me was so eye opening and extremely powerful! I wasn’t aware of the legal system surrounding sexual assault cases and the struggles for each side of the case. I will never forget this performance; Jodie Comer was incredible in the role, I don’t think anyone else could have delivered such an emotive performance. Amazing!"

" Jodie Comer’s performance is a must-see. Prima Facie’s final messages are urgent in highlighting who our laws fail to protect…"

"Everything and more. A true work of art that everyone regardless of race, gender, religion etc should see. Pure excellence."

"This play is absolutely amazing. It should be shown in all senior schools. Everyone has something to learn from this play."

"So many emotions SAD, ANGRY, MOVED and everything in-between"

"Words are hard to find for this extremely powerful performance. I’ve never ever seen anything like it I was speechless. Opens your eyes more, to an out of date judicial system. Things need to change."

"As a survivor, it means everything to talk openly about sexual assault and consent. I don’t know what else to say, but thank you to everyone involved for your work!"

"I think the play really spoke to me as a woman in the 21st century. There are too many stories that are similar to Tess’ and something needs to change. This play brings to light the important conversations that need to be had around consent and the justice system."

"It was a harsh reminder of the reality of abuse and the inadequate uk legal system.  I am a Mental Health Nurse I work with young people who have been abused but often their biggest  challenge is surviving the  legal system.  Jodie Comers   raw portrayal  hit home hard."

"Most powerful performance I have ever seen, with such an important subject matter…"

"For me it was a catartic experience, wonderful"

"The play was nothing I ever expected, to feel so seen and heard with the storyline of the play, it left me speechless as everything I needed to say about my own experience was said and I found safety and included at the moment in time when watching. I left in floods of tears not just from the script but how"

"This incredibly acted play was the most honest and raw demonstration of the struggles women face on a daily basis. I had goosebumps throughout. Here’s to standing against every uncomfortable exchange, comment or unforgivable action!"

"I feel like the topics at hand are rarely discussed and it’s so important. So many of us have similar stories and are meant to feel shamed. It’s truly inspiring to see such a strong character that so many can relate to. Tess is an inspiration to all survivors."

"The play set me free!"

"This play is so unbelievably important. I feel so connected to this story and the way it screams it’s message so boldly. Watching Prima Facie in a movie theatre was one of the most thrilling, moving cinema experiences of my life and I can’t wait to see it live on Broadway! xx"

"Prima facie has meant a lot to me, no only is Jodie comer my favourite actor but, the play has taught me about the power we have as women even if we don’t think our voice will be heard it is still important to say something."

"Blown away by the performance, truly amazing! And its an important message that doesnt get discussed enough!"

"As a survivor it was encouraging to see a heavy & important subject & its nuances being brought to light in such a compelling way. Nothing will change if we don’t confront it.  Thank you.  And Jodie was PERFECTION."

"Every woman should see this."

"As an Asian woman who is heavily involved in the Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, I always encourage all the women out there to be more courageous, embrace your dreams and speak up for yourself. You are never alone, together we can make a difference.  Prima Facie is a very thought provoking play that makes everyone think about how much we"

"Seeing the play was one of the most moving and involving nights of my life…and I’ve been on the planet 65 years. Truly wonderful and memorable I would fly to the USA to see it again if I could afford to! And the extraordinary music of Self Esteem rounded off the evening brilliantly."

"I was overwhelmed by the portrayal of such a powerful story, which impacts so many women, friends, family and loved ones. Even 8 months after seeing the show, I’m still moved by it and want to stand up for those who have suffered, but who have not been heard – enough is enough."

"It touched a raw nerve and made me realise how important it is to fight for what is right, especially when it comes to women’s place in society. There is still a lot of work to be done."

"As a human being, as a woman and a fighter against injustice, this play connected with me.  1 in 3 women is something that can’t go on."

"I was a police officer for 30 years and regularly dealt with victims of rape and sexual assault. The way the play portrayed the struggles from first reporting, to the investigation and subsequent court case was so powerful and true to life. It is an incredible piece of art and the passion of Jodie Comer in portraying the challenges being"

"I was awestruck by the entire show, beginning to end. I experienced such a range of emotion: humour, anxiety, anger, inspired. It made me feel proud to be a woman and angry to see how systems have slighted us over and over again. I appreciate how the play gave visibility to victims and called out the institutions that run our"

"This play grabbed me by the heart and by the brain. When it comes to a topic such as sexual assault, it’s extremely hard to accurately portray the experience that so many women have gone through, but Jodie Comer does it flawlessly. What she was performing was hauntingly real; the justice system needs change and it needs it now."

"I’ve never been to see a show alone before. But I felt so held in a room full of people who I didn’t know, because they were all feeling the same anger in the pit of their stomach and sheer heartbreak that what we were witnessing is some people’s reality."

"Powerful. Jodie was magnificent"

"Law was never of interest to me, but Prima Facie opened my eyes to how the “justice” system is so stacked against victims. I hope this play spreads more awareness and bring about change."

"Prima Facie means everything to me. Tessa made me feel less alone and for the first time in years I have felt seen and respected. Thank you for giving me a voice!"

"As a lawyer, seeing the legal system from the other side highlighted the urgent need for reform."

"The script, the music, the lighting, that epic performance of Jodie Comer! Breathtakingly beautiful. Prima Facie was an anxiety inducing emotional rollercoaster… even my feelings had feelings. My dear one, even though you feel broken, you’re not broken. You are whole."

"A heart breaking and incredibly moving play. Beautiful performance by Jodie and cannot wait to see it in New York!"

"Prima Facie was deeply relatable and shockingly truthful. It moved me greatly, and its message still sticks with me."

"This play puts into light what is wrong with our justice system. It also puts a voice to the women who are not heard and not believed. Everyone needs to see this play to open their eyes to the injustice women face every day."

"The play brought to life such complex and sensitive issues that can be hard to visualise, but it was handled with care and honesty by everyone involved in making the play. I came away from the play feeling sad but also hopeful that there is some change or awareness on the rise for these issues."

"I feel extremely lucky to have been able to see the show on the closing night. I remember how I woke up next morning, still in a buzz. I’d never seen anything like what I’d experienced that night. Jodie’s performance blew my mind and made me want to live more–use myself in any way possible to bring more good to"

"The play was so empowering and comforting. It was so disturbing but at the same time so special to see someone share an experience that I don’t bring up often. I was moved and felt every emotion possible."

"As a 1 in 3 survivor and as a physician who comes across stories like Tessa’s more often than I would love to, I sincerely want to thank all of you for shedding a light into such an important matter. Really, something has to change…"

"I genuinely don’t think I will ever have the right words to describe this play, I have tried many times and have failed. I think it is almost impossible to describe this to someone who didn’t have the privilege of seeing it live. It was the most incredible performance by an actor ever (cough, Jodie comer) and the storytelling to"

"All judges around the world should see this play. Sexual abused woman  need to be heard!"

"I know what it means to not be believed. I love Jodie Comers’ portrayal of the story – realistic and raw."

"As a rape survivor – this was everything."

"So proud of you Jodie. Your performance was brilliant. Thank you from a one in three."

"The story of Tessa still breaks my heart and to know that everyday people have to live with similar destinies is also heartbreaking. I really hope the world and its legal systems will find a way to help survivors of sexual assault. And I am sure Prima Facie is helping."

"The play was the first hope in 4.5 years that the unspoken might not always fester away inside."

"As a law graduate, the play resonated with me in seeing the cracks in the system. As a victim of SA, the play resonated with me in seeing myself presented, and awoke a burning desire to change the narrative for those who inevitably come after me. The road to change is long, but I am determined to be a part"

"It felt like it was screaming out from the souls of every woman – like me- who’s lived their lives blaming themselves for male sexual violence. It is an essential yell for action."

"Recognising the profound effect the play has had on audiences, we have created Prima Faces – a special artwork made up of over a thousand photos that the play’s fans have submitted."